BAE | USA Services

Our experienced team at BAE Batteries USA, along with our Nationwide Network of Authorized Service Partners, is able to provide the services you require, including: Engineering, Factory Acceptance Testing, Installation & Onsite Commissioning.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Thanks to our modern testing facility, BAE USA is able to provide factory acceptance testing on batteries from single cells up to the largest systems. Factory acceptance testing will ensure that the batteries meet the customer’s critical requirements. The testing is completed per IEEE and/or customer specifications.


BAE USA, along with our authorized service providers, can offer Installation and De-Installation of batteries throughout the USA.  Whether you are installing a new battery system or replacing an existing one, BAE will ensure a clean, professional and safe installation.

BAE USA can also assist with battery disposal per EPA rules and regulations. Upon proper battery disposal, the customer will receive a certificate documenting compliance with all EPA rules and regulations.

Commissioning & Testing

Capacity testing batteries that back up your equipment is the proven method to determine how the battery will perform during a power outage.  Once a battery system has been installed, BAE USA can provide commissioning and IEEE 1188/450 capacity testing. Our commissioning regime includes connection resistance measurements, open circuit and on charge cell voltages, specific gravities (if applicable), temperatures, internal ohmic measurements (if applicable), string current and voltage and a detailed visual inspection.

We test per Manufacturer Specifications and in accordance with relevant IEEE Standards. We use the state of the art Alber BCT Capacity Test System, which both controls and continuously monitors the test. Once the batteries have been tested, we provide a comprehensive report of the results as well as any recommendations for repairs or replacements that need to be made in the near future.


Our experienced staff is available to assist in the review, design and engineering of your DC Power Systems. We have the knowledge and experience to review site plans and specifications to provide you with the best recommendations to achieve your desired results.  From battery and charger sizing to rack and spill containment layout design, BAE USA can help ensure your project is completed in a timely manner.