The latest in lead-acid.

Packed with valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA Tubular Plate GEL), Oxbox provides the ideal way to store energy. Because of their special electrode design and fixed gel electrolyte, the batteries built into Oxbox deliver rock-solid, maintenance-free performance, along with an impressive cycle lifetime.

Oxbox is powered by robust BAE Secura PVV Cell Solar Batteries

  • Maintenance-free
  • Long lifespan (10 to 15+ years)
  • Optimized for cycling
  • Proven under extreme conditions in industrial systems

Oxbox is the first energy storage system based on advanced lead-acid batteries to be UL-listed for safety, offering you round-the-clock peace of mind while delivering many times the power of lithium-based units. Whatever happens. Whenever it happens. Oxbox has the power to pull you through.

Downloadable Data Sheet PDFs:
OXBOX Data Sheet

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