Racks, Spill Containment & Accessories

BAE USA is proud to partner with leading worldwide suppliers of Battery Rack & Spill Containment Systems.


Our suppliers offer experience in the design, fabrication and manufacturing of battery racks for the standby power industry. We have access to standard Non-Seismic & Seismic racks as well as racks that meet specific building codes or certifications such as UBC, IBC, IEEE 693 & NEBS. We can also supply custom rack configurations specific to our customer requirements.

Spill Containment

Our suppliers can offer spill containment systems in a variety of options, for example; poly, steel and stainless-steel containment pans or a modular, liner-based system. UL listed, NEBS and FM Global approved spill containment systems are also available. 


We also supply a wide range of accessories including; spill clean-up kits, facility safety products (hydrogen monitoring, signage, eyewash stations, etc…), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Battery accessories (hydrometers, multi-meters, cell resistance testers, etc…)